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The first resource of the enterprise---talents.

People who are based on benevolence and virtue, have both ability and political integrity, have the spirit of pioneering and innovative and the craftsman spirit of excellence, and are committed to continuously improving the quality of work.


Employment principle

The first resource of the enterprise---talents.

Pay attention to the matching of people and positions, apply the right talents, promote strengths and avoid weaknesses, and deeply tap each person's potential to maximize their personal value.


Talent cultivation

The first resource of the enterprise---talents.

Advocating that everyone is a talent and taking talent cultivation as the focus of human resource strategy. Continuously provide employees with various training, work opportunities, and chances to challenge themselves. Efforts will be made to optimize talent selection and training, and pursues the common improvement of the value of the employee and the company .


Talent incentive

The first resource of the enterprise---talent

Adhere to keep competitive salary in the industry. Give opportunities to people who are willing to work, jobs for people who are competent, and a platform for people who will succeed. To enable talents with good character, dedication, diligence and high efficiency to stand out in the organization.


Talent management

The first resource of the enterprise---talents.

Based on the needs of strategic and organizational development , built on the company's talent team, forms a differentiated management system for different talents, constitutes talent standards, and carries out a closed management loop for selection, training, use and retention.


Earflap Intelligent Equipment (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd.

Earflap Intelligent Equipment (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd. is a corporation co-founded in China by the Italian Franco, and two Spanishes Gerard
and Francesc who come from the Spanish company EAR-FLAP, specializing in the production of intelligent packaging equipment. 

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TEL :  0573-82822099


ADD :  Room 1105, Jianrui Building A, Nanhu Dist. Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province


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