Features of automatic packaging machine

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2022-08-29 08:59

1. Wide range in use
Fully automatic packaging machinery is widely used in sectors of food, chemical, pharmaceutical and light industries (relatively few in the machinery industry).
2. Easy to use
Complete multiple processes at one time: bag pulling, bag making, filling, coding, counting, measuring, sealing and out-feeding. The machine  can run automatically without operators after setting.
3. High efficiency
The output of automatic packaging machines in the Chinese market can be up to 120-240 packs per minute, replacing the handmade products in the 1980s, and the output is much higher than that at that time.
4. Clean, hygienic and energy-saving
By using the automatic packaging machine, no manual work is required, thus is more clean and hygienic. It also features in the function of saving material , energy and cost, as well as be environmentally friendly.

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