EARFLAP Renders Strong Support To“China Resources Snow Beer”

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2023-07-13 14:57

In June 2023, China Resources Snow Beer, through the evaluation of bidders, consulting in the industry, and comparing the plans of many equipment manufacturers, finally chose EARFLAP as the bid winner of the 2023 carton wrap-around packer procurement project.

China Resources Snow Beer (China) Co., Ltd. (China Resources Snow Beer for short), founded in 1993, is a national professional beer company producing and operating beer, headquartered in Beijing, China, with a high-end brand matrix of "Chinese brand + international brand". Since 2006, the total sales volume of China Resources Snow Beer has ranked first in the Chinese beer market.

Earflaps packaging production line of liquid products includes: Carton Wrap-around Packer (Speed: 60-80 cartons / min), Shrink Wrap Packer (Speed: 60-180 packs / min), Blank and Film Wrap-around Packer (Speed: 65 packs / min).

We sincerely thank China Resources Snow Beer (China) Investment Co., Ltd. for its trust and support. We will live up to their expectations and strive to produce every equipment in good quality, and escort the manufacturers of beer, beverage and mineral water with high-quality service and equipment.

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